Friday, 9 December 2011

Hanging on the telephone

Yes I know it's a Blondie record but it's what I seems to be doing a lot these days or maybe it's hanging on waiting for the telephone to ring. It's funny as where I do my sessions in the day there's a very poor orange signal so I've had to set up camp in one of the bedrooms while I wait for clients to call. which they don't seem to be doing today when I expected them too as a new ad went in the paper today or at least I hope it did.

Before anyone asks why don't I change to another network it's because I'm stuck in a contract with orange and to get out of it I have to pay it off which amounts to several hundred pounds so until it runs out I'll stick to the bedroom office.

Although trapped in the bedroom I have my netbook, food a tele to watch which is pink so very girlie and a heater to keep me warm as I'm always dressed in skimpy outfits in case someone rings up and wants to come straight over and shag me then I'm ready and waiting. BTW in case you're wondering a lot of guys ring up wanting sex but end up not getting sex of course but most still leave happy. Some even come again, Just not today it seems!! Come on phone hurry up and ring!!

So what's new you ask. Well as you asked I'll tell you I have some new dresses and a fantastic new latex leotard that fits like a glove(no not a boxing glove!) and feels amazing on. Check out the photos and also check out the new pics of me in my miss Christmas outfit which I'll be wearing again tomorrow at Romeo's X-mas event. All pics were taken by Lord Q in case you're wondering.

Last weekend I didn't do much except on the Saturday where I went to a party in a tiny room upstairs in a pub which was pretty poor and the food was terrible leaving me with nothing to eat all night. I wore a new sexy dress I've just bought though and looked better than most of the born females there I reckon. The highlight of this night was two lads chatting me and my transvestite friend up and pretending they didn't know we weren't born women. I might believe it with me but my friend lovely as she is wouldn't fool a blind deaf and dumb man. When they left she said to me "They thought we were both real women until I said you know"
I went along with her as it made her day I'm sure.

Right well the phones not ringing so time for a little sleep I think. BTW I wasn't working Wednesday and missed 11 calls which was annoying. I was instead in Cardiff visiting my friend in hospital doing some Christmas shopping and watching Hugo at the cinema. BTW couldn't find anything to buy anyone for Christmas but did get a a pair of shoes to wear with a new dress I have so it wasn't a complete waste of time going.

Right sleep time.

Right well the phones not ringing so time for a little sleep I think

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