Monday, 19 August 2013

Stayed in all weekend watching TV

From Friday night until this morning I never left my house once and spent the whole time watching tele that i'd recorded most of it ages ago including all 8 episodes of a series called Broadchurch which was filmed not far from where I live and starred David Tenant the Dr Who actor I met recently along with Billie Piper. I had no idea this was being filmed there or I could have met him there instead.

It was actually quite nice not making any kinky films or seeing any clients over the weekend and just looking myself away from the world watching rubbish TV and of course the bike racing yesterday.I wish at the beginning of the season I'd put some money on Marc Marquez to win the tittle as he was my tip and only third favourite at the time.

Since last writing I been quite busy with clients but it's really odd as last week I was busy Monday and then didn't see anyone until Thursday when I was snowed under and saw 4 people back to back and even missed some because I had no time to get to the phone between clients as I was rushing to get changed ready before the next one all of the time. Since then I've not seen anyone else not even today and even the phone is dead. Hence the reason I have time to write in my blog but it'll pick up later in the week again I'm sure. It always seems to. After all I'm still the best trans girl in the business right? That's the point where you say yes.

I've even had time to take my Blade for a spin this morning and going to do so again in a bit but I've not really ridden it since France and starting to think it's not really the bike for me anymore. I mean it's 180mph superbike that you can't use on the UK roads to anywhere near what it's capable of and my confidence in corners is not what it used to be in the days when I used to ride GSXR600's. So I'm being to feel it's wasted on me and something slower cheaper and more sensible could be what I need now. I must be getting old if sportsbikes are losing their appeal!!

I went to SWAMP fetish market with my friend Keith last weekend which was good as it's back in it's original venue again which I like even though I only went there when it was Vibes a gay club before. It has has plenty of room much more than the last venue. Keith bough me a leather strap bikini there which although on me on it's own would look terrible with all my bits showing over a leotard it will look good and once I try it I'll upload a photo to show I'm right. At least I hope I'm right. It was good to catch up with old friends at SWAMP as I don't go out much these days and have turned into something of a social recluse lately only ever taking to people on the phone or online but then again like Roger from American dad I have big stuff going on that stops me going out. Well in my head I do anyway.More on that soon.

One thing I tried to do as a favour to my dad was sell his old scooter on eBay and get him some money to buy a new one. Which I did only for the winning bidder not to pay leaving my dad wishing he'd traded it in instead of trusting me to sell it.

Maybe I should swap his scooter for my blade and that could solve both our problems