Friday, 19 April 2013

It's oh so quiet

For once I'm not talking about work as for the last couple of weeks I've been pretty busy. No I'm referring to life outside of Mistress and Pro Sub Nina. This is not a bad thing though as normally when it's not quiet it's because things are going wrong. So with everything so quiet what do I have to talk about?

I'm not sure how are things with you?

Back to then I've just uploaded 2 new galleries to my site a day late as I totally forgot yesterday. I normally upload a film every Monday and a Gallery every Thursday but as I said forgot yesterday so put 2 up today instead. Of course all being members of my site you will already know this right? For anyone not a member and wanting to join it's here

One thing worth a mention is last week I had 3 hard caning's in 3 days and was glad when the weekend arrived so I had a couple of days to rest my sore bum. I had well over 200 strokes.which is quite a lot!

At the moment I'm also in the middle of planning a return trip to France this year and this time I'm going by motorbike a bit like when I toured the UK on my old R1 a few years ago but this time my friend Keith is coming but not on the back. He's taking his car and carrying all the gear to make life easier for me. It's a trip that will cover about 2000 miles in just over a week and I'm hoping to see lots of interesting things including the Millau viaduct in the south of France which I've wanted to see ever since it was featured on Top Gear and I watched a program on it's construction. But I do have a fear of riding motorbikes over bridges in the wind ever since I went over the Kessock bridge in Scotland on my R1 UK tour when it was really windy which totally freaked me out.So what better way to get over this fear than by riding over the tallest bridge in the world!!

As I said it's really quiet in my life at the moment so here's a photo from today's gallery upload