Monday, 20 October 2014

Up North

I've not had much time to write anything in my blog lately but today I have a day off relaxing at home not seeing any clients so thought I'd take this opportunity to keep you updated on goings on in my weird life.

The weekend jut gone I spent up north with one night out in the Wirral(is that how you say it or should it be at the Wirral? Or neither) at a BDSM event at a club called the Townhouse which used to be a pub and everyone there seemed very friendly. Although I spent the night talking and not playing there was plenty of places to play and lots of equipment. This particular night was Rocky Horror night so many people dressed to theme. I sort of did in the fact that I wore one of my maids outfits but I didn't go with the stupid red hair of the maid in the film. I have to be honest though as far as themes go Rocky Horror is not a good one and I'm not in the slightest bit a fan on the film. In fact it took me about five goes to get through it without falling asleep when I eventually got round to watching it a few years ago. Although photos were allowed I didn't get any taken of me so have nothing to show from that night

I did however get plenty of photos and films the next day when I traveled further up north to Blackpool to visit the lovely Mistress Scarlett and her partner who likes to dress as Stella. We spent the afternoon making kinky films before we headed into town for the evening to check out the nightlife. I couldn't believe just how many TV's were out but sadly I was very tired having not slept the previous evening at all so maybe didn't enjoy the night so much as I might have done.

Even though tired I had a great but sadly too short time in Blackpool and can't wait to visit again but maybe in the summer next time.

Attached is a photo of me and the wonderful Mistress Scarlett enjoying the feel of nylons together. You can check out her site and services here

Make sure you keep an eye on her site and my site to find out what we got up to on our kinky shoot soon