Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Do you work with a woman?

This is the stupid question I'm fed up of hearing from people who ring up to enquire about my services or make a booking. None of my sites ever mention working with a woman and neither do any of my ads yet I still get asked all the time. If people want a born female call one not me! I'm an excellent mistress and pro sub and don't feel the need to get born women who are often twice the price and half as good involved OK!!

Right I've got that off my chest now as things are pretty quiet at the moment I've been spending a lot of time promoting and doing things for my new site which in just a few weeks seems to be doing well so far . Anyone who's not yet seen the site look here you'll be impressed


I was in fact only last night shooting a new film with my partner in crime for this venture Keith which was request from one of the new members and I need to keep my members happy so they stay members. Last night was a schoolgirl gagging and bondage video which once edited will be on the site.

Yesterday I put up a great new zentai layering film which also stars my friend Katrina Transdoll who I will be hopefully working with again before too long. Anyone into zentai will love this film as it's very  kinky.

I've also just edited my next gallery which will go on the site Thursday and is a retro lingerie bondage set and below are a couple of sample pics. There's even a struggling video like this to follow.

Away from the site one other thing I did was Saturday just gone I want to mention was I attended a memorial for Dawn Skinner a much loved member of the trans community and Roses forum. It was good to see so many turn out to pay their respects for her and she's very much missed by us all but not forgotten. Below is a photo of me and Dawn together in Bristol a few years ago. She was wonderful person who I was lucky to know and consider a friend


Thursday, 10 January 2013

My new Naughty Nina site is here!


After a lot of work from me and mainly my friend Alan my new Naughty Nina site has now gone live so please check it out at the address above. The site contains most of the old material as well as new photo and film galleries that i'll be updating at least twice a week to keep my members happy. Members can also e-mail me with comments and suggestions for possible shoots and there's another much more kinky blog on the site. Overall I'm very pleased with the look of the new site and the fact I've got control over it this time so the galleries will go up faster and be more current.

BTW don't click the picture hoping to get to my site copy and paste the link in the address bar of your browser.

Now that the site is running I'm also going to be needing lots of new kinky material and doing lots of new shoots so anyone who wants to be a part of one of the films let me know but I'm mainly looking for pretty trannies, kinky women and guys playing dominate parts and are good with bondage or CP. If you're any of those and want to get involved get in touch sadly I can't pay anyone but will give you copies of any shoots you're involved with. If you're not any of them just enjoy the site. Oh and as it's my birthday in 2 days it would be a nice present to get some new members so if you can't think what to buy me just join my site instead.

I've not really got anything else of much interest to talk about at the moment so just going to leave this post as a plug for my new site. Did I give you the web address?


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New year new photo new plans same old Nina

First off happy new year to everyone who reads my blog.

I've decided for the first time since creating my blog as it's a new year I'd change the main photo. I hope this meets with your approval and if it doesn't sorry but I like it. I know I'm flashing my panties but no gets to see my huge collection of panties unless I flash a pair now and again

So today I decided to spend the day at the beach which is only 20 minutes away from me but when I arrived it was busy with others having the same idea and I couldn't park. I guess if I'd really wanted too could have found somewhere but as I'm so close to the beach I thought I'd leave it for another day when it's quieter and returned home instead.hence now I'm writing in my blog.

I bet you're all wondering how I  saw the new year in last night and what wild party I went to right?

As it happens it was the first time in my life I saw it in on my own at home. Well not quite alone I had my cat Misty with me for company. It was OK butt not sure I want to be alone every new years eve from now on.

To be honest it was kind of fitting I saw the new year in alone as I'd not been to one party or event over the whole of the Christmas period as there was so little on and no one invited me anywhere except last night to a party in Wales but it was a 2 hour drive and didn't seem worth it in the end as I couldn't drink because I had to drive back home after.

As I write this I'm working out a few new years resolutions I want to stick too.

One of which will be to go out more as I spend a fortune on clothes that hardy anyone sees me in except a few clients who often end up covering them and me in cum.

I'm going to get fit and eat less this year too(see I really am a girl). I may even go back to the gym and start swimming again. If anyone's got a private pool and gym I can use as Nina get in touch as I don't like using public ones as a girl. I'm serious let me know!

Other than resolutions I have a couple of things I'm already looking forward too this year the first will be the launch of my new Naughty Nina site hopefully this month as it's nearly ready which will mean lots of bondage  films and photo shoots of course to keep my members happy.

The second is a tour on my blade of France with my friend Keith playing the role of backup support and luggage carrier in his car which again should be great fun to do but not until the summer.

Hopefully I'll keep updating this blog every couple of weeks too so you all know what's going on in my mad life.I'll report again around the 12th off January which is my birthday BTW and I'll be 21 again or is that 31? So hard to remember at my age.