Tuesday, 15 November 2011

10 days ago!!

It was 10 days ago I last wrote on my blog and I thought it was about 5! Time seems to be going by so quickly at the moment.

So what have been up to in the last 10 days you're all asking me right?

To be honest I'm not sure it's all a bit of a blur  but I have had a very busy week as far as work goes and today apart from the weekend is the first day I've not had a client for a while. It was all down to an ad I placed in my local trade it which wasn't cheap but proved worth spending the money on. I had a few good sessions too that I actually quite enjoyed doing which is good as often I don't.

Before I go any further it was pointed out that recent blog entries have had a lot of spelling mistakes and although I admit to being a rubbish speller this was more down to the batteries in my keyboard than my poor spelling. Even I get the first letter in most words correct normally. Anyway new batteries now which is loads better so all mistakes this time are down to me again.

On Saturday I went to Glastonbury carnival as the North Petherton one had been cancelled the previous week as I mentioned in my last blog entry. It wasn't as good but I only really go to look at any sexy costumes the women are wearing on the floats and yes there was one or two nice ones again this year. If you want to know where I get ideas for some of my strange outfits this is one place. Second only to my love of the women in pop videos wearing stuff never seen on the streets.Although I wish some women would dress this way in the real world but understand why they don't.

Sunday I went to SWAMP which was OK. It's kind of like a pub but with a few people being spanked in the background and a few more dressed in fetish-wear but it's always very pleasant there. I went with my friend Lord Q as it was his birthday and we took cake which I was careful not to get on my purple leotard but not careful enough it seems!  So as I had chocolate on me there was only one thing to do take my clothes off and change outfits. Sadly not having another outfit we made a dress from pallet wrap instead. Kind of like in the attached pics but my arms were this time outside of the wrap and there was no rope round my neck either. It looked pretty good too but I was disappointed no one noticed I was in a pallet wrap dress!.

Sadly it can only be worn once as we had to cut it off me at the end of the night but don't worry we have plenty more wrap to make more dresses in the future.

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