Saturday, 17 May 2014

The big crash!

Sadly last week at only a year and a half old my laptop hard drive crashed and no I didn't back everything up before you ask. Any members of my site will have noticed the 2 update dates that received no updates and this is the reason. This week now I have a new hard drive installed I've done a double update to keep members happy. I think even though the shop I took it too saved many of my films and photo sets some are gone forever.

Finding a safe place to take the laptop to be repaired wasn't easy either. With it being full up with trans and BDSM material PC world was out of the question. I found a little shop in the end in Bristol by recommendation and they weren't that bothered what I had on my hard drive as long as it wasn't illegal that is.

One thing I've learn't from this is to actually do backups more regularly. It's learning the hard drive way though. Anyway it's pretty much sorted now so Naughty Nina will be back to 2 updates every week again. See here for the best value BDSM site on the net with well over 200 sets and galleries all for only $10.99 a month.

Today I traveled to St Audries Bay with my best friend Keith as I'm in the middle of a swimsuit shoot at various locations for a future Repartee article and I thought I'd go here as this week it's one of the two trans weeks they hold there each year. As I wasn't staying over I'd arranged to meet a contact I'd made on TVchix and come in as a guest but at the last minute I found out she wasn't there. We still went and when we got there we chatted to some of the TV's staying there and wandered down to the almost deserted beach to get some photos of me in swimming costumes. Which we did and are great. Then we went into the bar and chatted to more TV's including one who had been to almost all these events since the start in 2002.

After this we went on the lawn and Keith started taking more photos of me in another swimsuit when this rather angry man came over. Asked us what we we doing and we had to pay £10 each if we wanted to stay. Which we didn't mind. Then he said we had to stop taking photos(even though it was only photos of me and I had to change in to a more appropriate outfit as the way I was dressed was upsetting the residents or I had to leave. You guessed we left as he wasn't very nice and I don't think any of my outfits would have been appropriate for him but I'm sure had I been a born female in a swimsuit he wouldn't have said a thing to me.

My Repartee article on St Audries is going to be somewhat different after this incident I think. I still enjoyed my time there even though I left after only 3 hours when most trannies spend a week. Lucky for me it's not that far from home but it's likely to be my first and last visit I'm afraid.

The previous week I did a fab bondage shoot over 2 days with Bondage Bob on the Friday and with Keith and Bondage Bob Saturday so look out for sample photos from that coming soon. In the meantime here's a few from today's swimsuit shoot.