Friday, 23 September 2011

Thought I'd write in my blog before I went to bed

All I seem to be doing these days is moaning about things and that's not really me but sadly most of the things that happen to me lately don't seem to be that great for some reason.

Take today for example the reason I'm here writing this on a Friday night when I should have been out being tied up at  Restraints a local bdsm night is because I've picked up a throat infection and maybe touch of flue(You should see thee faces I'm pulling every time I try to swallow anything at the moment) as well meaning this morning I cancelled my night out. I guess I can't complain too much as I can't even remember the last time I was ill. The fact is since I stopped working a normal office job nearly 2 years ago to be a pro sub I'm hardly ever ill because I'm not as stressed. One of the downsides however is I haven't got much money these days and I'm partly surviving on savings built up while I was working 9-5. My recent car crash hasn't helped as even though it wasn't my fault I had to pay a huge £500 excess  and today I got my credit card statement which is £1000 and I also got the bad news that my credit card can't do anything about the £144 I was ripped off my media today who sold me advertising that I didn't get so that's £144 out the window. To be honest I'm more annoyed that they could get away with ripping me and probably others off this way! OK that's a lie I'm more annoyed about the money.

What else can I moan about before going to bed.? OK try this one of my regular clients phoned tonight asking me to do a session as a boy and of course I said no which may signal the end of our regular sessions as he's often referred to me as male but I let it pass in previous sessions. It's funny I never advertise as anything other then Nina but I've turned down £300 to appear in a sissification film, a role as a schoolboy in a caning film, a role as a guy who's brain is removed and put into a women in a splosh film(yes really!)and tonight's spanking session. All easy money and all of which I would have done had they asked me to be Nina but even though it's only clothes and makeup to most people I can't do anything bdsm related unless in my female role even for money.

Interesting fact out of the 4 genuine offers to work as a bloke only the ones making the sissification film have seen me not as Nina and in the end they got a TS to do it instead of me.

So anything at all happen good today or am I just going to end it all now I hear you ask?

No I'm not actually sometimes the smallest things can put a smile on my face and today this was it. I was going into town to pick up my prescription after going to the doctors about my throat and before returning to my car decided to get a magazine to read in the local news agents and picked up fast bikes magazine mainly because it was sealed up and had a free balaclava(which I thought will come inn handy for my new life of crime once I've given up on the pro sub business) and when I opened the magazine I found it had an article about R1's and the bike used for the photos and test was my old bike which I toured the UK on and featured in Repartee and is pictured below. It's more famous than me now!! This is the thing that made me smile today. 

OK I'm off to bed now but I won't sleep with this bloody sore throat!!


  1. Don't let them take your brain! And please consider making the text white. Its a bit hard to read and I love your writings.
    Fell better baby

  2. Dont listen to Teresa,
    I can read your purple text perfectly on my ipad! Lol


  3. Maybe I should just make it bigger? ;-)