Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dr Q?

I recently went to "Stars in time" a Sci-Fi convention in Weston Super-mare with my friend Lord Q who dressed as Dr Who or should I say Dr Q mainly so I could go as Rose Tyler the doctors assistant who of course I'm always getting told I look like. It was a two day event with the first part being on the Saturday evening which frankly was rubbish and was just attended by a few families clearly on holiday looking for somewhere to take the kids that night and all that seemed to be going on was some rubbish band who had no connection to sci-fi playing songs far too loud. Yes I'm getting old I know.

After a couple of hours of this we decided to jump into our TARDIS(my VXR) and head into Weston city centre where Restraints were having their first event in Weston instead of Bristol in what's normally a lap dancing club there. The event turned out to be quiet with not much in the way of play going on but lots of food. It was OK until we were told our car park ticket would  run out at midnight and we had to go back and put a new ticket on the car. We'd parked in the train station carpark as instructed which was a 5 to 10 minute walk away so we decided this would be a good time to go home.

The next day we went back to the Stars in Time convention and had a great time meeting lots of geeks and some very minor celebrities. Most had slight fame many years ago and had to have photos with them of what they used to look like or no one would have a clue who they were. Some were asking £10 for an autograph others only £5. This seemed to be height related for some strange reason. Needless to say I didn't ask for any of them to sign anything. Again we were dressed as Rose and the Dr and most people knew this and some even wanted photos with us. In fact I looked more like Rose that the z list celebrities looked like themselves or how they once were. We did chat to a few of them and some were nicer than others.

 I really liked Caroline Munro who starred my favourite bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me" she told me I had great legs but I didn't like Shirley Eaton who is only really famous for being painted gold in "Goldfinger". When we tried to tell her about plans we have to paint me gold she was just rude to us. I've just found out me and Shirley Eaton were both born on the 12th on January only I was born in 1982 and she looks like she must have been born in 1882 making her Old finger. Sorry jut being a bitch because I don't like her now. LOL.

We loved being the Dr and Rose so much that day we're looking for other places to dress up as them now. Yes we've turned into geeks ourselves I know. To be honest I always really was one

Other than this back in the really world(Or Nina's worls I should say) work is still very quiet like it has been since my return from France so have been doing lots of photos as always including ones in my fab H&M swimming costume which I love and just need to find somewhere I can go swimming in it now. 

Who said try the sea they let anyone in there!!

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  1. You look fantastic Nina! Whatever you're doing do more of it.