Thursday, 19 January 2012

30 for a whole week now!!

Yes this time last week I was out on my bike making the most of the cold and rain enjoying my birthday, A week on I've accepted I'm now officially old and my days of being a young sexy trannie whore are numbered so I now need to get on with my life before old age well and truly sets in and before I know it I'm just another drooling vegetable with a weak bladder and blue hair.

The whole weekend was a blur and I wasn't drinking so it must be my memory going already but I was back to work Monday and had two clients both new not only to me but also to trangedered people and bdsm. One came to be dominated by mistress Nina the other came for a massage(I know I don't do massage and I did tell him but he still came) and the effect of now being old really started to show after neither of these clients enjoyed the sessions and both finished early. The first guy didn't enjoy anything I tried to do to him and decided it was a mistake to have visited a TV as he'd seen only women before and the second guy was a nervous wreck who after the massage(which I thought I did well considering I've no idea how to give a massage)felt guilty about visiting me and decided to leave. I was being to think I'm losing my magic touch as hardly anyone has not enjoyed my sessions previous to this. I was wrong though as yesterday I had another two clients and both left happy so in turn it made me happy again and also made me stop thinking about getting to old.

Right now who wants a massage?

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