Thursday, 9 February 2012

Time to die!

Today for the first time since I've been working as a pro sub/dom I got scarred. I looked out my window to see my client marching towards the front door . He was a large man covered in tattoos and it looked to me like he had a stone in one hand. He knocked on the door and I didn't know if I should answer so phoned a friend who didn't know what I should do either.It was just like being on who wants to be a millionaire. In the end I decided to let him in and if he was going to bash my head in and it was my time to die it was.

As I'm here writing this it clearly wasn't my time to die unless I'm doing this from beyond the grave and my session was fine in the end and it wasn't a stone but his keys and wallet wrapped in what looked like a handkerchief and from a distance looked to me like it could have been a stone and as you know when people get scarred their mind often plays tricks on them. He enjoyed me and even wants to come again which he wouldn't of been able to do had he bashed my brains in unless he has a thing for corpse's that is. At least if he'd done away with me I wouldn't stop him having sex with me like I do now.

I had another client today who kept saying red and stopping the session with everything I did to him after he told me he liked extreme bdsm. Turns out he didn't.

I now want to mention my friend Davina who is not well at the moment and if you're reading this and know her please send her your love and best wishes and tell her you're thinking about her as I am. It would mean a lot to her.

So what have I been up to other that seeing clients you ask. Well not much really except having more photos taken and being tied up as usual. Had an amazing bagging the other night which put me on a real high. It's just so much better than sex. Saying that I've not had normal sex for years so it's hard to remember how good it is. I was never any good at it though so wouldn't have ever said it was great I'm sure of that.

I've just finished of mini eggs and now feel a bit sick so maybe that wasn't wise.

Hang on there's one left in the packet!!

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