Thursday, 12 April 2012

Life is like a box of chocolates

You never know whet you're going to get right? Wrong life is nothing like a box of chocolates as you always know what you're going to get with chocolates it says on the box what's in them. You sometimes even get a helpful little drawing so you don't pick up the chocolate with coffee in by mistake.

Yesterday I had 3 clients  and 2 of them come baring gifts. The first gave me perfume and insisted on rubbing it in my private parts in the session in the hope it would sting.

It didn't.

The second really did give me a box of chocolates well  it's more like a box of chocolate. Dairy milk in fact. A whole box of small bars. I wonder if he works for Cadbury's as I didn't think you could buy boxes full of bars. It doesn't matter where they came from all I know is I'm very gratefully to him even though he didn't bring any pringles to go with the dairy milk.

As I sit here getting fatter and fatter eating my chocolate doing no real work(Yes I know there are people who get paid to eat but I'm not one of them) I've just realised that I need to start earning some money as next week I'm going to have to spend lots of money on my expensive to run bike and car as both are in for dealer services and the car needs  some new boots(that's tyres to normal people as opposed to boot which is something I like to travel in tied up)and an MOT which I'm sure it'll fail as usual . So I'm going to have to find at least £500 for all this!

I think it's time to start selling my body.

Oh no I already do that for a living.

Not much else to talk about as things are very quiet at the moment. Did I tell you I have a new phone? It's nothing to get excited about as it's much the same as my old one only this one's on a different network so now people can actually phone me as I have a signal at last.

Sploshing again tonight which I'm looking forward to as everyone knows you just can't beat a lovely bowl of custard.

Down your knickers of course!!

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