Tuesday, 31 January 2012

If I build it they will cum

Yes the tide is turning and finally I'm getting to be popular little trannie whore

To begin with last week I was still only getting one client each day but this was because everyone wanted the same times. On three days I had more than one person wanting to come when I had a booking already even though the rest of my day was empty.

 I took a day off Thursday and decided to go for a cycle ride for the first time in over 6 months. In fact this was the first exercise I'd had in 6 months so you can guess how it went. After 5 miles everything was hurting and I felt like I was having a heart attack so had to stop and rest. After the rest things got better and although often cycling at walking pace did the next 10mile without too much trouble. I felt really good after and treated myself to some chocolate but not sure when I'll go out again though as since  I've suddenly got really busy and people seem to be finally realising how good I look and how good I am at what I do. Either that or times are hard and I'm a pretty cheap whore.

 Doesn't matter though I had 3 clients Friday and 4 Saturday and today after a little break I've seen 2 so far and have another booked in later as well as an all day one tomorrow. None have been disappointed with me and most have said they will be back for more. So I'm a happy bunny at the moment. I was even happy for one of today's clients to live out his fantasy of giving me a facial which hasn't happened for a while. I did have a stage last year when everyone wanted this but I'm not sure it was doing my skin much good and boy does it sting if it goes in your eyes like acid!

This unexpected busy period has come at a good time though as just had to find nearly £500 to insure my blade and I had a massive credit card bill to pay off. So most of what I've earn't recently has gone already. Oh and I spent about £100 on clothes over the weekend too. I know I shouldn't have but I love my clothes and these items were calling out to me

"buy me buy me you know you need me"

 so what else could I do?

So that's the latest update. Oh and the latest issuer of Repartee has just been published which as usual I feature in. This time I spent a day at a stables in riding gear with my friend Tara as pony girls. No not that sort of pony girls which ,makes a change for me not to be the pony. You can get a copy from my sister Bella here.


Here's a few pics that didn't make the article ;-)

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