Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back to normal then

I can't believe it was the 20th of December that I last wrote here. Where does the time go!!

Anyway happy new year to all my followers and I hope you all had a great Christmas and ate and drank far to much. Me I didn't drink too much but have to put my hand up to stuffing my face lots. I do hate Christmas puddings but sadly now starting to resemble one.

So what can I still remember about Christmas apart from all the eating I did?

I do remember Christmas eve going out on the blade and coming close to falling off it too but it was nice to get out on it for a few hours before the madness or boredom of Christmas really kicked in. I was just being little miss Nina Santa and delivering a present as these days blades are a much quicker option than a bunch of raindear pulling a sleigh when there's no snow about. Also where do flying raindear come from? Don't tell me the North Pole as I watched every episode of frozen planet and there was no mention of them!

So Christmas day was much the same as every year with my family coming over for lunch which is always nice as it's the only day of the year they come over to see me eat my food then fall asleep. I had a few nice present including some new heels (next year I want the rest of the shoes to go with the heels) Some Nina perfume. Bella my sister(not my real sister as she's a man and looks nothing like me) was the first person to give me Nina from Nina Ricci and I loved it straight away. Before this I wore any old cheap rubbish but now always wear Nina when I go out. For my clients however they still get cheap rubbish of course. They don't care what I smell like. BTW funny story about Bella and perfume. As she bought me Nina one year I managed to find a perfume called Bella on e-bay and bought her some but sadly it was terrible and she doesn't wear it but her toilet smells better than it did.

I managed to see a couple of clients between Christmas and new year and one was an out call to a guy who made me dress up in lots of rubber stuff he already had which was cool but when I arrived before we did the session we had to watch top gear on tele as it was the Christmas special which comes before rubber of course. LOL

As for new year it was a very quiet night at Romeos in Bristol for me and a few friends which was OK and for the 3rd new year in a row I got suspended by my friend Nicki. This is becoming a bit of a new years tradition. My friend Kat looked great seeing new year in fully encased in rubber looking a bit like a rubber robot. It was a masked ball and I had to tape an eye mask to a cat toy to make mine. 

My friend Lord Q went as a black Spiderman and I want all those people who thought I was racist trying to host a party last year not allowing black clothes in to know I had no issues seeing in the new year with a black Spiderman.

So yesterday I spent all day making up new galleries for my pay site
As it's a new year I thought I'd better give the site a quick plug as some new readers may not realise I do other things than just rabbit on about my strange life here. Samples from yesterdays editing attached

OK new year’s resolutions are to get fat... sorry fit. See more of the world this year starting with a trip to France as I've never been. Stop going to naff events and put more effort into my Mistress and pro sub business and try and actually make some money this year.

What's that you didn't realize I was a Mistress and pro sub?
Why didn't you say so?

What else can I plug?

Oh yes it's my birthday next week on the 12th. That's the 12th of January in case you want to make a note.
It's a special birthday as I enter a new decade but as it's so close to Christmas I'm going to put my birthday celebrations or any parties on hold until later in the year. More on that at a later date.
If you still want to give me presents on the 12th feel free to do so though.

I had a google and found I share my birthday with some other sexy ladies such as Pixie Lott, Mel C, Gemma Arterton and Heather Mills. Alright maybe Heather Mills is stretching it a bit when I say sexy ladies

I also share it with Mr Bean, Ricky from Eastenders and Des O Connor!! I don't know why I find that funny I just do

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