Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Blog

It's not quite Christmas yet but the last blog entry I'll be making before so this will have to do as my Christmas blog. Before I talk about myself I just want to wish everyone who reads this a great Christmas and new year. Well maybe just Christmas as I might get bored and write again before the new year. Anyway I hope you both get everything you wish for and more.

So this week I had some good news when I went to hospital with my dad. The new drugs are keeping the cancer under control better than expected and they should carry on doing so for some time to come. Maybe even for a couple of years. So he can now concentrate on enjoying his life as he feels fine too.

Now back to me and this weekend just gone I went to a Dr Who convention in Birmingham attended by Billie Piper and David Tenant as well as some of the stars from Torchwood. I even had a kiss from. Eve Myles who plays Gwen. Well 3 kisses actually and all on the lips. I bet if she knew where my lips have been she wouldn't have been so keen to kiss them.

I also got  photos with Billie Piper mainly to prove once and for all I don't look like her. She was nice though but then again I'm sure she was getting plenty of money for for her appearance there so i'd be annoyed  if she wasn't nice. She did seem to think I was wearing her old top though and kept going on about it like I'd nicked it. I told her I had, hoping she would think I was joking. I'm not convinced she did though.

Below is a photo of me and Billie together for the first time. I give this to you as a Christmas gift even though I had to pay for it. Thanks Billie and I'm keeping your top!

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