Friday, 17 February 2012

Why do people like bum sex?

As you may have guessed from the title of this post I'm not into having things inserted into my bum. To me it's an exit and never an entrance. This was proved again this week when I was given the option in a session to have a fingering or the cane and as always I opt for the cane every time. It's strange you can beat my bum black and blue on the outside and still I come back for more but one little finger up my bum and I can't take it as was the case in this session. Well I did actually take it but boy was it a struggle. One which I'm sure my client was loving. BTW he reads my blog so to him  "Hi and my bums better now thanks"

This was on valentines day had he was my second client that day. Believe it or not the first flew over from Ireland just to do a session with me for a couple of hours. This is a first for me. He left happy I'm pleased to report and may even fly over again for another Mistress Nina beating.

The rest of this week has been pretty rubbish but I did take Wednesday off and turned down a couple of clients that day so I'm party to blame for my poor week.

I went to visit my friend Davina again last night and had tea with her as she's not in the best of health at the moment and has found out she needs a serious operation. My thoughts are with her and I'm praying the op will be 100% successful which I'm sure it will be.

I then went to see Dom X as not seen him for a while. He clearly didn't want to talk to me much as I spent the next few hours gagged and tied up. Hating every moment of course. He did ruin my stockings though so I'll be sending him a bill for these.

Talking to my sister Bella this week she tells me I'm not promoting Naughty Nina enough so here's a link to my very cheap paysite for anyone who's not seen it If you're not a member why not it's only £5 for a month and it's really good. Honest would I lie to you. OK plug over.

Tuesday as I've said already and I'm sure you knew anyway was valentines day and to celebrate me and my friend Lord Q(he's just a friend there's never any bum sex either way)did some lovely photos of me with some roses(Oh and a gun pretending to be dead) here's one. I hope you like it.I'm not messed up honest!

The other pic is just one of me playing with myself which is nice too(both playing with myself and the photo)

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  1. Hi Nina, As a man I do not really enjoy giving, but receiving is great, especially when tied on your back with legs akimbo, the helpless feeling when you are not able to touch yourself but cum hard from just the insertion is great!
    P.S. i hope Davina gets well soon