Saturday, 17 March 2012

In pain

I'm typing this not using all my fingers as two are out of action. One has no skin on the tip the other has a blood blister, this and many cuts over my body are a result off falling of my mountain bike this morning while in riding down a country lane at what must have been 20-30mph the back wheel slid out when it hit some mud on a corner. I tried to keep the bike upright but was going to fast. next thing I knew I was sliding across the road and coming to a stop on the grass verge under the bike in a lot of pain. I didn't get up for a while instead decided to lay there saying "Ouch" over and over and not moving in case anything was broken. Thankfully nothing seems broken but I am in quite a bit of pain even now. I'm sure I'll ache even more in the morning as when I've wrote this I'm going to bed. I did lay in the bath for about an hour when I finally got home which was very soothing and pain killers are helping too. On the plus side the bike seems to have coped with the crash slightly better than me.

This fall has totally changed my plans for the upcoming week which I was hoping to be busy with dom/sub work as I have a new ad out but now think I need time for my cuts and bruises to heel instead now and maybe catch up on some films and spend time with my cat but I don't think she's into BDSM so wont be able to practice bondage or CP on her while I recover as that might be considered cruelty to animals

Talking of my bike I took it out in the week and got totally lost too and had to phone my friend Keith to find out where I was. he was no help as he'd also not heard of any of the places I ended up near either. Eventually I found my way back to his place.

So what have I been up to before today's fall not involving my mountain bike you ask.

To be honest not much. I did some more photos which are again great and done by Keith at who of course I'd recommend to anyone wanting some fetish photos. I was going to be part of another shoot there tomorrow but I don't think that's going to happen unless I make a miraculous recovery over night that is.

OK I need to lay down now so more later in the week if I get bored.

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