Thursday, 30 August 2012

It's So quiet

On the kinky front in my area I mean. There seems to be very few events on at the moment or maybe there are a lot of private play parties I just don't know about as I'm not really part of the in crowd when it comes to these things.

Strange as it seems working as a Pro Mistress and Pro Submissive I don't really buy into a lot of what others do on the scene or how serious they are about it all. It's just not me. I mean I don't want to be owned by one person or have a part in a BDSM family or only be a sub. I don't think most people who call themselves subs are really subs anyway. They always seem to only get and do what they want and in that respect are often more dom than they're so called masters.

Sorry I was starting to go off on one there because nobody likes me or invites me to things any-more. LOL

I haven't really got much to tell since I last wrote here I had a very boring bank holiday weekend doing pretty much nothing for 3 days. I spent lots of time watching the Olympics mainly for the women's events and the fantastic outfits they often wore while performing and I've been ticking over regarding seeing clients still getting lots of time wasters but also some genuine new ones. Last week was really weird I saw no one all week then Friday I had 2 great sessions. The best was a 3 hour session as a naughty maid constantly getting things wrong and having to be spanked and caned. I wish I had sessions like this every day as I'd be a very happy bunny.if I did,

This week I saw 2 clients Tuesday none yesterday. One no show today(hence I'm writing this now)and fingers crossed a new client in 20 minutes. Oh god 20n minutes!!

I've got a go finish getting prepared for him. If he doesn't show I might be back to write more.

Well it's now an hour after he didn't show or contact me so pretty pissed off today as now had 2 no shows and I'm certain the last guy's booking was a deliberate wind up so I would dress up as requested and he wouldn't then turn up as he even confirmed this morning. So if anyone wants to give this asshole some grief
be my guest. his number is 07908902841. I would never normally publish a phone number but I don't see why this guy should be allowed to get away with what he has with me or any other Mistresses or subs

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  1. awww, you can come round for a play or a brew anytime, no sub, no dom, just tea and biccies! XxXxXx