Tuesday, 29 May 2012

It's been a while

In fact almost a month since I last wrote anything in my blog and that's not because I haven't done anything. In fact I've been up to quite a bit. Half of which I've forgotten about.

The problem is mainly that my pay site  http://www.naughty-nina.com/ is not able to take any money or new members at the moment because the company who were doing that side of things has decided my site didn't make them enough money and wanted to charge me £300 to keep taking the money. This I couldn't afford so have been looking at another company ccbill that lots of pay sites use which is OK but my web mistress has sort of lost interest now and only wants to carry on if I sort everything out and I'm not sure this is such a good deal as she already takes half of everything the site makes just for uploading a gallery or film every week.

I've also had an offer to make a completely new naughty Nina site where I can upload all the galleries myself from a friend but it wont be cheap to make in the first place so I need to decide if the site will ever make enough to make this worthwhile. To be honest I'm not sure what to do as it takes so much of my time doing the photos and films for so little return part of me thinks I should just forget the whole thing but on the other hand I know how good and original my films are compared to anything else out there and one day it could really take off the way it should already have done.

It's all starting to do my head in a bit at the moment though. What with that and the fact my Mistress and Pro sub work as also gone dead for no reason I've not really felt like writing in my blog as I know all I would do is moan.

Talking of my web Mistress Bella the latest Repartee has just come out and again I've written an article for it. This time about my work as a TV Extra(all 2 times!)anyway if you want to read all about that and other interesting transgendered stuff you can buy the magazine here http://www.repartee.tv/repinfo.php?mag=70&curmag=70

Things I've done since I last wrote include going to my friends kinky house party in Wales which wasn't that kinky in the end. More like a fancy dress party. I got there really late as I'd spent the day sploshing with Messy Lou and it was a good 2 hour drive from Lou's so half the people were already going home and my friend the host Laura had to go to bed just after I arrived as she wasn't feeling too good.

The next day I did some films and photos with someone called Rubber Martyn(not his real name I don't think) which was fun but not a paid job just for copies off the images for my paysite(I already have several years worth of films and images for the site which may never get used now but still always after more and I love what's involved in getting the films and photos of course)

This weekend just gone Me and my friend Keith went to the Bristol Splunch then onto see Alex our friend doing his hypnotist act in a pub near Keith's house which was OK but slightly unnerving for me at times especially when he made one guy believe his penis had been stolen by one of the girls in the pub and he had to go look for it. I thought he would come straight to me and that would have been very embarrassing as no one knew me there but I'm sure quite a few were wondering if I'd been born male or not as I'd got a few strange looks. Luckily he didn't come to me and everything was fine but never the less I was quite glad when we left the pub.

Sunday me and Keith went to an Alice in wonderland themed BDSM party but when we arrived dressed as Alice and the mad hatter there was hardly anyone there and no one else dressed up at all. We made the most of this and played on the equipment for a few hours as we had it all to ourselves. I guess it was cheaper than hiring the place.

So that's brought you all up to date on my life over the recent weeks.

Oh did I mention I'm a red head at the moment?


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  1. iBill did that to me Nina. They charged me a new $500 fee for some unknown reason recently. Between the fees and the reserve which you'll never really get its a fucking joke. CCBill is probably the best.