Friday, 13 January 2012

The day after my birthday

So it's the day after my birthday and today I've hardly done a thing and it's so quiet. I did have one client who sucked my face off but other than that nothing and the phones hardly even rang unlike yesterday when I decided to take the day off as it was my birthday and the phone never stopped ringing!!

So what did I do for my special birthday then? Well I had a lie in until about 12 o'clock which was really nice then I decided to give my blade a birthday treat and take her out for a spin. Which I did after checking the weather in case it was going to be bad. Weather report said dry and sure enough after about 10 miles it rained and I got soaked as I left my waterproofs at home. I stopped off at a bike shop and checked out the new 2012 blade which I'd previously only seen in magazines which was nice but not really that much different to my 2011 bike and it doesn't come in Repsol colours! BTW for my birthday I got a Repsol fleece and t-shirt so I have to keep my bike now.

After my trip to the bike shop I rode to the Cinema and watched the latest Mission Impossible film but part way through I got uncomfortable as by bum was still hurting from the caning I received the previous day from a client, Which isn't surprising as he caned me 100 times and that's a lot even for me. In fact it's the most any client has paid for so far. I still managed not to let my stinging bum stop me enjoying the film which was so so and still not as good as the first of these films.

I then jumped back on the blade and rode to a place called table table where I had a birthday dinner of spare ribs and chips which was very nice but messy and no matter how hard I tried to eat using my knife and fork I had to resort to my fingers. Then it was back home and by this time it was freezing on the bike and I was so glad to get in and warm up. I finished my day off watching repeats of family guy which always make me laugh even though I know some of the episodes nearly word for word,

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