Thursday, 3 May 2012


Was a pretty mad day for me and a long one as well. I got up early as I had a two hour booking in the morning but he cancelled(not for the first time) so I then decided to take the racer out as it had finally stopped raining. The racing bike struggled with the back roads which were now flooded and covered in mud and stones that had been washed from the fields. It didn't help that the back tyre was also pretty flat meaning I felt every tiny bump I hit twice as hard as normal. I eventually made it from the back lanes to the main road and things improved greatly and I then enjoyed the rest of he ride. Except this one hill right at the end of my route which is a killer and part way up I always feel like getting off and pushing my push bike but never have and didn't yesterday either.

As soon as I got in someone made a booking and I had to run around like a woman possessed to get showered and changed in time which I did only for the client not to show which as you can imagine didn't put me in a very good mood.

Things got better however and at 4pm I saw the first of 4 clients. All of which were people I've seen before meaning they must like me to come back. After I'd seen the first two I decide to cook myself some food and then the phone went so I ruined it and burn't everything as I wasn't keeping an eye on it. So I fed my first effort to the bin and started over this time it was edible.

When I say I did 4 clients yesterday in fact the last one which was an out call and required me to drive 25miles in the rain didn't start until today and I didn't leave my clients house until 2.45am this morning. It's OK though as he's quite a good and kinky client who wanted to play with me encased head to toe in latex most of which he provided including the gas-mask which he'd rather look at than my pretty face!!

I got back about 3.30am and still didn't go to bed for some time after. As I got my friend Keith who was still up to massage my back for ages as it's been giving me problems lately. Thanks again for that Keith.

Needless to say today I didn't get up until dinner time and haven't seen anyone which I don't mid too much after yesterday.

Right I'm getting hungry I need to see what I can burn for tea today. Sorry cook I mean of course.

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