Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Comic Con

Just thought I'd update my blog as work again has gone quiet this week after a pretty busy week last week. As I know he reads my blog I'd better mention one of my clients who booked me for 12 hours over 2 days at the end of last week 5 hours in a hotel and another 7 at mine the following day. It was great fun and he also shares my passion for swimming costumes so there was much play with both of us in these and even getting very wet in them in the hotel shower which of course I loved. As well as buying me swimming costumes he's treated me to dresses that I love wearing for him to play and spank me in. Now if only I had a few more clients as generous as him I'd be a happy girl.

As you may have guessed from the blog title I went to a comic con recently in fact it was the London Super Comic Con and it was a really great place to dress up in several of my superhero costumes including a Latex Ms Marvel outfit that only arrived a few days before and I hadn't even tried on until the day of the event. I've written in detail about the entire weekend for the next issue of Repartee so wont talk too much about it here but I've attached a few pics that wont be used in the magazine including this one of me talking to Jonathan Ross.

Get this for a excellent way of throwing money away. A few weeks ago I went on this site which makes women's clothes that fit men and I ordered this rather sexy teddy plus a pink blouse in small
however I should have known better having bought from them before several years ago I should have remembered everything is made for the larger America market and even a small would be far to big for me. With the postage cost to the UK this was already 2 very expensive items and when it turned up it ended up at Exeter parcel force office with a £17 customs charge. So yesterday I had to drive all the way to Exeter (I could have had it delivered but I wasn't sure I'd be in) to collect it which cost another £30 in petrol. And yes you've guessed after all that both items are like tents on me and it's more hassle than it's worth to try and send them back so they may well end up in my clients dressing up box!
Very expensive lesson(about £120 in total)finally learn't

OK was going to tell you about last Saturdays excellent bondage shoot but I think I'm going to stop there and as no one wants me today hit the road on my pushbike and get some much needed exercise or maybe I should give up all exercise and eat loads instead until my new teddy and blouse fit me!!


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