Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Swimsuits and Chastity Belts

Since my last post I've bought even more long sleeve swimsuits and now own 5 different ones and all are fantastic. Below you'll see photos of the latest two which were taken last week. Also I've put up a photo of me in my lovely new chastity belt which was a present from my best friend Keith to keep me nice and safe so he tells. I love it so much after doing the photos in it I left it on all night and slept in it. When I got up in the morning and needed a wee I struggled with the key to get it off and very nearly wet my panties!

The last couple of weeks I've been fairly busy seeing people most days often several people but this week things have gone totally dead for some strange reason but I'm sure they'll pick up again as I've had quiet spells before and it always has. At least being quiet it gave me chance to get out cycling again as I really need to get back into shape having done hardly any exercise lately and it's finally stopped raining.

This coming weekend I'm off to the London Comic Con and I'm presently packing my bags with various superhero and sci-fi  related costumes so I'm really looking forward to that as never been to one before. If I get some good photos they've probably feature in the next issue of Repartee so look out for that.I think it comes out in May but not sure. I should know I've been writing for the magazine for years!

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