Friday, 6 June 2014

Waiting for a client

yes that's what I'm doing at the moment so I thought I'd do a quick update on my blog and let you know whats happening in my life at the moment.

My laptop is all sorted and I'm back to doing my twice weekly updates on my site including yesterdays new gallery from the latest rigger to tie me up calling himself  "Tight Ropes" and he lived up to his name as in the first tie one of my hands went dead as the ropes were too tight.

I went to visit Tight Ropes last Saturday and spent a very enjoyable day at his lovely home being tied up, hooded, and tightly gagged. With nice little breaks in between for food and much talk about films which it turned out we both love. See the new set from tight ropes here
Hopefully I'll visit again soon for much more of the same but in the mean time I have plenty of galleries to keep reminding me of the bondage day.

Lately I've been doing lots of 2 hour domme sessions again and it seems most people do 2 hours with me because it's the same price as 1 hour with a born female mistress. I always say I'm not cheap everyone else is expensive.

I do get annoyed that the only reason most people book me is because they want forced oral which of course they can't get from a female mistress. The reason I get annoyed is even without forced oral my mistress sessions are really good and better than most female mistress sessions costing twice as much.

People often wont book unless they can give me oral but they book women and don't give them oral and often they can't even touch the mistress and they would get a far better session from me but overlook me as they think seeing me makes them gay! Why would it I look and dress like a sexy young woman and I'm good at things like CP and bondage and I have no wish to have sex with these guys

It's a strange world at times

Moan over now I'd better get ready for a rare mistress session where someone has no interest in giving me oral sex. What a strange man he must be!

Below are sample photos from my day with Tight Ropes.

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