Thursday, 13 November 2014

More timewasters

The reason I have time to write a blog post today is because yet again I've been stood up by a client who booked a domination session. It's really starting to look like I may soon have to start taking deposits for everyone who books in advance just to get rid of all the idiots who book and don't show up or cancel 10 minutes before their session time.

So here I am all dressed up and now sat in bed typing this instead of working so what can I tell you about my life. Well yesterday I  watched Nick Sanders give a talk about his life and for anyone who doesn't know who he is basically he's a bit of a nut who's ridden around the world countless times on pushbikes and motorbikes. Reading one of his books about him touring the world on an R1 was partly what inspired me to buy the same model R1 and do my own UK tour. Anyway I've met him now so I can tick that off my bucket list.

Last week I did a double domme session in Wales with the delightful Miss Delight which I think went well. Anyone thinking of booking a double domme session please get in touch but be warned most females including Miss Delight charge considerably more than me making these double sessions something you really have to want to do as they're not cheap at £200 an hour. If you just want to see me though I'm a much more reasonable £80 which I think is excellent value for what I offer. See my mistress site for more details

I rarely go out these days but I actually went out on Halloween this year dressed as a witch(see attached pic)but felt ill after only a couple of hours so had to go home again but to be honest where I went in Bristol was just somewhere to go drink and dance which isn't really my thing as I'm crap at dancing and have yet to see a trans girl who looks good at it.

Have to cut this short as have just taken a booking and need to get changed as he doesn't want me in what I'm wearing now sadly.

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