Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Nearly Holiday Time

Thank God!

I am really looking forward to my week in France and a break from all the time wasters I've been getting recently which includeds yesterday when I guy actually showed up for his booked session with me before not getting out of his car and then driving off. Last week one guy turned up two and a half hours late(I sent him on again) and on top of this I've had lots of no shows and as I write this my client booked for this morning has yet to confirm. As it's less than half an hour to his session and he hasn't got my address it looks like yet another no show!! It's driving me nuts and wasting so much time I'm thinking of asking for deposits for all sessions from new clients when I return from holiday.

For anyone genuinely wishing to book me this Friday the 12th of September is the last day I'm seeing anyone until Thursday the 25th of September but I do have a quiet week this week if you did wish to see me before I go away.

As for my holiday I'm off to France with my friend Keith for the 3rd year in a row and also spending some time at Davina's again as well as going to Euro Disney probably dressed as Minnie Mouse if they let me in like that.

This Saturday just gone I had a great photo/film session with my good friend Katrina and it was all filmed by Keith again so can't wait to get some of the videos edited and up on my site for my members to enjoy. I've added a couple of pics below but the real kinky stuff will come latter.

I'll post here again on my return from France x

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