Monday, 22 December 2014

The Christmas film

Is "The New Pet Full Sequence" well it is on my site anyway as a treat to my members. It's a film I made several years ago but although I made two versions. One was a 4.5 minute edit which I put up on my site the other was a full length 15 minute edit which up until now only the people involved in making it have ever seen. So I decided it was about time my members got to see it. So it's now on my site It's also much better quality than the short film.

The main reason I'm posting today other than a lack of client which I guess is to be expected this week is to wish everyone a happy Christmas and new year and if stuck for presents why not give your loved ones a membership to my site or just treat yourselves to one. It's got to be better than socks.

Actually as I type this I'm dressed in my Miss Christmas leotard and matching boots for a treat for anyone who does book me. Unless of course they ask for a schoolgirl look.

Last week I went out to a trans Christmas meal in another one of my Miss Christmas outfits(I have 3)with about 16 others mainly trannies but although it was very noisy in the restaurant it was quite a nice meal and to be honest a pretty uneventful evening so not much more I can tell you about it really. Anyway now you know what I did last Saturday.

Yesterday I paid a second visit to tight ropes a guy who loves tying people up and yes as you can see from the photo he does what it says on the tin. Hopefully I'll get a set of Miss Christmas bondage pics on my site Christmas day so I'd better go edit them now while I've got some spare time.

I'll be back in the new year. xx

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