Friday, 29 August 2014

Anal and oral sex

As a pro sub and pro domme I don't offer anal sex except with a strap-on(not on me though!) and I don't give oral sex so I thought I write a post explaining why not. Especially as I do offer various escort services and many of my clients just book me for those and are not into BDSM in any way.

I get asked for both anal and oral sex by guys daily and in fact even though I state I don't do this on my ads and my site this is still what I get most calls for and even some of my regular clients tell me if I did it they would pay more and think I'd make a lot of money. Where as at the moment I'm never going to get rich doing what I do. I'm convinced too that if I decided to give oral and take anal I'd be busy all the time and near the top of most guys list for a TS they'd like to fuck(actually I think I might already be near the top of that list). So why not just go ahead an do this and get rich I hear you say.

Part of me thinks to hell with it become a proper escort and give guys what they want. This would exclude me fucking guys though as the thought of putting my cock into some guys shity bum hole is just horrible and makes me feel sick thinking about it but letting them fuck me and giving them oral(with condoms of course) does turn me on as its very submissive and girlie.

So it sounds like a no brainer right?

No you see I have issues with catching things as I'm very clean and I know it should be OK with condoms but I can't stop thinking about guys putting their dirty penis in my mouth or having it inserted in me is a bit gross.

Also I feel as a domme or sub I'm really good at what I do and as good as most born females. Many of which charge twice what I do and don't offer any sexual services so it would be nice if guys came to see me for what I can do not for what I am. As the ones that do see me regularly as a domme or sub have mainly got past the fact I'm a girl with a cock and just enjoy the session the same way they would seeing a real girl. The other thing is outside of my sessions and although I love playing with guys I don't date them and only ever have full sex with females and I don't fancy guys which is good as I'll never fall for a client.

So at the moment while I'm getting by I'm happy enough doing what I'm doing but that's not to say at some point I wont change my mind. So all those guys out there wanting sex with me one day you might get the chance because like James Bond I never say never just not now.

Time to plug my sites I think so you can see all the kinky things I do now and I do offer lots already. It's really not all about sex you know

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  1. Although im not in your business, I feel exactly the same way, in regards to men & sex. Not into men, but the idea of doing the ultimate girly act, of been fucked & giving oral, does turn me on, & the fact of been treated like a real girl does too, but do not fancy the male image. well written piece!