Wednesday, 19 February 2014

swimming Costumes

Probably the wrong time of year to be thinking about them but with all the flooding that's been happening down here in Somerset lately I soon may have to start swimming everywhere I go so I'll need to look good in a pretty swimsuit to do so right?

Actually after my client last month bough me a new one to wear in our session together I've not been able to stop myself buying new swimming costumes and I now have 4 fantastic long sleeve ones which I am wearing all the time at the moment even in bed as I just love the look and feel of them. I've even done a couple of photo shoots and films in them. There are a few pics from the shoots below and all were taken by my wonderful friend Keith who runs and If you look on my site now you'll see the new suspension film and yes I'm wearing one in that too
I even went to the February SWAMP event wearing one and was tied up there in it too which of course I always enjoy.BTW if anyone reading this has a swimming pool I can use for a Repartee swimsuit shoot let me know. To be honest I'm not even sure anyone still reads my blog as it never gets and comments.

Lets talk about some more recent sessions. I had a great CP session last week and my client even started a nice thread about me on a spanking site after which has had mainly nice comments added so that was great. look here if you want to read it
It was a hard session and he pushed me at times but I still really enjoyed it even though I was left with a few marks for a couple of days after.

Another client worth mentioning was a guy who came this morning and brought me a large bottle of WKD blue and a bar of dairy milk chocolate much better than fancy wine and foreign chocolates that no one really likes no matter how much they cost.

Yesterday my phone packed up and it may have cost me some clients which was really annoying but I have ordered a new one so should be sorted again by the end of the week but if in the meantime you want to book it's OK I have a £15 mobile from Tesco's which is getting me by and has a pretty good signal probably better than the smart phone I've just bought. This is probably because it's a phone only and not a million other things. I do wish the makers of these phones would remember some people actually still use phones to talk to other people.

More soon xx


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