Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hanging around

Is what I was doing last night suspended from my feet tied and gagged hoping my feet wouldn't slip from the boots sending me head first into the stairs I was above. Thankfully that didn't happen and I've got a great new set of photos for my site I should have them up in the next few weeks but in the meantime here's a couple of samples.

Sorry I've not wrote here for over a month but I've been a busy girl and today is the first day I've not had any bookings for a while which means I can catch up on  few things like my blog and after this I need to start packing for the Birmingham fetish weekend. If anyone is going to any of the events please come say hello if you see me. It should be a good weekend starting off Friday night with the rubber ball which gives me another opportunity  to slip into some skin tight latex and finishing off with the BBB on Sunday where I hope to buy a few new toys and maybe even have a play at the after party.

A couple of weeks ago I had a great time in Bradford again(yes it is possible to have fun there)with my good friends Katrina, Sarah Bright and Bondage Bob.I even managed to break the long journey up with a 2 hour spanking session and another trip to Cathouse to get my slightly ill fitting leotard altered. I was glad of the couple breaks as it rained pretty heavy most of the journey and also glad of Katrina's company especially on the return trip as I always feel tired after a weekend away with very little sleep which again this was.

It's quiet today and the sun is out so I'll probably go for a nice cycle ride this afternoon as I'm trying to get fit again and not fat as I've put on a bit of weight recently. No honestly I have. Not much but it has to go! I've even started swimming again and have been twice in the last few weeks and need to keep this up. I've always been able to swim a long way but never that fast often getting overtaken by kids with armbands on and even a guy with one leg last time!

Have you ever noticed in swimming baths just how hot it is when you get changed after you get out and no matter how much you dry yourself your clothes all gets stuck to you halfway on and it takes a real effort just to get dressed?  Just thought I'd share that with you. It might just be me

Anyone who knows me knows I love my bikes and follow MotoGP so it was great to see young Marc Marquez win the title for my team on the weekend. Well I call them my team as I own a Repsol Honda so feel I have the right to. Anyway people call football teams they support their teams and many haven't even so much as bough a shirt so the Honda Repsol team is my team and that's an end to it! Sadly this will be the last race I'll be able to see as MotoGP coverage has been bough by BT and I'm not about to get that just for the MotoGP but I'm sure the Repsol team will survive without my support. Anyone want to buy a Repsol Blade?

One last thing I want to mention today it's my best friend Keith's birthday so happy birthday Keith I hope it's a good one and you haven't had to work too hard and if you're good I might even let you tie me up later or is this the one day of the year you don't want to tie me up. LOL

 Keith is the one not in a dress below

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