Thursday, 28 November 2013

Blog Day

As I have no clients this afternoon I've decided to update my blogs and that means my naughty Nina blog and my Mistress Nina blog as well as this one. Well it's either that or start my Christmas shopping but as I have no idea what to buy anyone the blogs it is. In some ways I'm lucky because I don't have many friends in the real world so the only presents I need to get are for my dad my brother and my 2 friends. Everyone else I know just gets cards.

BTW it's 3.30 in the afternoon and I'm sat in bed writing this with a slightly annoying cat who keeps walking over my laptop!!

To be honest I don't have much in the way of news for you but I did go to the Birmingham fetish weekend with one of my 2 friends Keith and we did 3 events in 3 days. We traveled up on the Friday evening and because of the traffic and the fact I forgot the tickets for Friday nights rubber ball and had to go back to get them it took about 4 hours for a journey that normally takes less than 2!. We still managed to get to the Rubber Ball by 11pm though and our hotel was just up the road from the event so getting stuck in traffic didn't effect us too much. The Rubber Ball itself was pretty good all in all with a bunch of act preforming throughout the night. Most of them interesting to watch but lacking in any real talent. You know the sort of acts that don't get past round one on Britain's Got Talent. My favourite being the lady who seems to have some sort of fit before pouring stuff over herself. Now if that isn't entertainment I don't know what is!

Sadly although there was lots of photographers most are only interested in born females so I haven't any photos from the night of me in my latex outfit although the attached one is of how I was dressed

The next night after a day of hotel bondage fun we went to the BDSM night at Exodus which again was OK but much the same as all nights at Exodus really. I know I should say this but for some reason there seems to be more fat people at these events than any other even though most other fetish events have a lot of fat people showing far too much skin.. I wonder where they all come from and why are there so many kinky large people? Well I say kinky but most don't seems to do much at these events other than eat and sweat a lot. I bet you're beginning to realize why I only have 2 friends now aren't you? Actually I have nothing against fat people and have been looking for a larger lady to make a facesitting film with for my site for ages without any luck

So Exodus came and went and so did the BBB the following day. I only went to the market and not the evening event and I spent far too much money on things to hit people with or to be hit with mainly as well as attending the worse demo I've ever seen about breathplay. Really it was that bad.

Other that the fetish weekend I've done very little apart from getting back into cycling whenever I've had the chance so that I don't end up like one of the Exodus elephants

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