Thursday, 25 July 2013

Back from holiday

Well actually I've been back nearly two weeks and I do feel bad for not posting before but I'm such a busy girl it's hard to find time to get everything done. I do only have 45 followers of my blog which considering how long it's been going isn't many but even if I only had one I'd still like to post just to keep that one person happy as you never know reading my blog might be the only thing that makes life worth living for that person. Seriously though if you are a follower and reading my blog is what keeps you going you've got some real issues that need sorting in your life!!

So what did I do in France you ask. Well mainly it was lots of riding in lots of pain on my fireblade sweating buckets while doing so. Oh and some Nina stuff which I've written about for the next issue of Repartee. So you need to buy  borrow or steel a copy to read about my further adventures in France. I really like France now and an even thinking of going again next year if they'll have me again that is.

Over the trip I kind of fell in love with France but out of love with my blade and just kept wishing I was in a car or on something more comfortable than a full on sports bike. Three years ago I did a tour of the UK on my old R1 and again struggled so much when I got home it wasn't long before I sold it so look out for my Repsol blade on e-bay soon. LOL.

I've just updated my website for any followers that are also members. What do you mean you don't like me that much!!

The latest update is again with Mistress Cherry and this time she's having fun covering me in custard tied to a chair so check it out here and all the other updates if you've not seen the site for a while.

I've been quite busy since my return doing a mixture of the three things I seem to do outside of working on my Naughty Nina site. Mistress sessions, spanking and caning sessions and girlfriend experiences. I do offer other stuff but this is what most people want. I've just done two girlfriend experiences today in fact and I'm booked all day tomorrow having my bum caned and will need the weekend to recover I reckon. If anyone wants to book me to cane my cute bum don't worry by next week I'll be ready for more so give me a call or see my pro sub site for details

More soon but here's a couple of photos that go with what I've just been typing(BTW that's my friend Keith with me in France in case you were wondering)


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