Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Do you work with a woman?

This is the stupid question I'm fed up of hearing from people who ring up to enquire about my services or make a booking. None of my sites ever mention working with a woman and neither do any of my ads yet I still get asked all the time. If people want a born female call one not me! I'm an excellent mistress and pro sub and don't feel the need to get born women who are often twice the price and half as good involved OK!!

Right I've got that off my chest now as things are pretty quiet at the moment I've been spending a lot of time promoting and doing things for my new site which in just a few weeks seems to be doing well so far . Anyone who's not yet seen the site look here you'll be impressed


I was in fact only last night shooting a new film with my partner in crime for this venture Keith which was request from one of the new members and I need to keep my members happy so they stay members. Last night was a schoolgirl gagging and bondage video which once edited will be on the site.

Yesterday I put up a great new zentai layering film which also stars my friend Katrina Transdoll who I will be hopefully working with again before too long. Anyone into zentai will love this film as it's very  kinky.

I've also just edited my next gallery which will go on the site Thursday and is a retro lingerie bondage set and below are a couple of sample pics. There's even a struggling video like this to follow.

Away from the site one other thing I did was Saturday just gone I want to mention was I attended a memorial for Dawn Skinner a much loved member of the trans community and Roses forum. It was good to see so many turn out to pay their respects for her and she's very much missed by us all but not forgotten. Below is a photo of me and Dawn together in Bristol a few years ago. She was wonderful person who I was lucky to know and consider a friend


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