Friday, 29 November 2013

Cover Girl

Yes I know I only wrote here yesterday but I forgot to mention or plug the new edition on X-Dresser magazine which I'm on the cover of

I have a 12 page interview inside too where I share some stories about things that have happened to me involving various different kinks and talk about my site

To be honest I'm not over keen on the photo used on the cover as it makes me look like a cheap trannie whore but I guess it kind of fits in with the rest of the magazine an who it's aimed at as there's quite a few trannies cocks on show throughout the mag and it is just sold mainly in sex shops to people wanting sex.

Other than my article and trannie cocks there are some other nice articles and interviews so it's wort getting a copy if you like TV's and TS's

You can buy one here as well as back issues and they also have a range of other kinky magazines like get spanked and pro domme. To buy any of the other mags they produce look here

OK plug over

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