Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Valentines day

As everyone knows last week it was valentines day and I hope you all received lots of cards and gifts.

On valentines day I normally get a card from my ex and I give her one(a card that is)as neither of us have anyone else but this year she spent the day with a new boyfriend meaning I didn't receive a card from her and it wasn't looking like i'd get anything but to my surprise my friend Keith gave me a card and a bunch of red roses which was very sweet of him as I didn't get him anything.

 As I said it was really nice of him and it came at a time when things weren't going well for me. I had three no shows in a row last week and only two actual clients and the week before was even worse with only one and  I'm having all sorts of issues with my ex who shares my house and wont move out too but I'm not going to go into that as I'm sure it's the last thing you want to read about.

This week is better and I've already seen four clients and another one I know will show is booked for Friday so that's good although he does cane and strap my poor bottom very hard but at least it'll mean I've had my five a week this week.

Also this week I had to go to hospital for a test as for a long time I've been suffering from far to frequent urination problems. Tablets haven't helped and I'm sure my GP thinks I'm a hypochondriac and no test have ever shown anything wrong but yesterday's test which involve pipes put in both the front and back of me(which wasn't fun and I nearly passed out when they were inserted) showed there is something wrong with me but they still don't know what so more tests probably needed. Maybe I've got one of those rare conditions that only Dr House could diagnose. I always thought all the illness on there were made up but apparently they all exist. Who knew? What's that everyone but me!!

I have to say I'm pleased they found something wrong with me and I'm not going mad. Mind you when the nurse asked what I did for a living strangely I didn't mention being a trannie whore as Keith calls me. I can't think why. Oh I remember they would think I'm mad!

Last weekend I did yet another photoshoot for Naughty Nina but this time with my friend Katrina and the whole thing was meant to be all in latex but sadly my latex leotard split when I put it on. So the first nights photos ended up with me not being in latex but they didn't really work and also I was in a mood about my broken leotard so didn't feel like smiling and really wasn't feeling it.

Things were good on the Saturday though and we made a kinky latex Supergirl film(which had to be shot twice as the first takes were all out of focus) plus an amazing latex face sitting film which looks fantastic even before I've edited it so keep an eye out for that on the site soon which is here in case you've forgotten how to get to it

Below are a few photos from the session and I'd like to thank both Kat and Keith for a great weekend and for putting up with a moody little cow after my leotard ripped. Enjoy the photos and I'll be back soon..

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