Thursday, 10 January 2013

My new Naughty Nina site is here!


After a lot of work from me and mainly my friend Alan my new Naughty Nina site has now gone live so please check it out at the address above. The site contains most of the old material as well as new photo and film galleries that i'll be updating at least twice a week to keep my members happy. Members can also e-mail me with comments and suggestions for possible shoots and there's another much more kinky blog on the site. Overall I'm very pleased with the look of the new site and the fact I've got control over it this time so the galleries will go up faster and be more current.

BTW don't click the picture hoping to get to my site copy and paste the link in the address bar of your browser.

Now that the site is running I'm also going to be needing lots of new kinky material and doing lots of new shoots so anyone who wants to be a part of one of the films let me know but I'm mainly looking for pretty trannies, kinky women and guys playing dominate parts and are good with bondage or CP. If you're any of those and want to get involved get in touch sadly I can't pay anyone but will give you copies of any shoots you're involved with. If you're not any of them just enjoy the site. Oh and as it's my birthday in 2 days it would be a nice present to get some new members so if you can't think what to buy me just join my site instead.

I've not really got anything else of much interest to talk about at the moment so just going to leave this post as a plug for my new site. Did I give you the web address?

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