Thursday, 28 March 2013

She's just a bloke

Was a comment recently posted on a spanking forum I often advertise on and not for the first or probably last time I'll see something like this written about me from someone who's never met me. It's annoying as this can sometimes put potential clients off and almost certainly had something to do with a new one cancelling this week.

So this week I was brought back down to earth with bang as far as work is going as with no ads in the papers I've only seen one client so far and things got worse this week when I had to pay a near £300 garage bill yesterday  for a wheel bearing on my VXR and I broke the gears on my mountain bike so have taken that in to be repaired too. So another bill coming for that too.

Also I found out my site isn't taking the money I thought it was and over $200 has gone missing which ccbill didn't pay me even though they say they have done so financially things could be better at the moment that's for sure.

So it's nearly Easter again that magic holiday that changes dates every year and is something to do with chocolate eggs and bunnies but I've never been sure quite what. I'm just going to spend it chilling out and eating any eggs I receive. If anyone's thinking of buying me an egg make sure it's a Cadbury's one OK?

Not sure what else to say as everything is so quiet in my life at the moment but once I think of something else i'll be back

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