Saturday, 26 March 2011

Model mayhem

Last night my friend  Davina ran a fashion show at her place giving advice to other trannies on how to dress and what to wear for different occasions. It was hosted by a friend of ours who has her own clothes shop and really knows what she's talking about and the whole evening went well. I of course was one of the models and had to have no less than 7 outfit changes which of course being me I managed to muddle up. I had agreed to come out in my underwear and talk about how I get a female shape through the clever use of shape wear but forgot and put the next outfit on instead and then wasn't ready so they skipped this bit which I also didn't realise as I stripped back to my underwear but then had to put the outfit I'd rushed to take off back on as I'd been too long and missed my slot. 

In the end I did my underwear section a bit later and very sexy I must have looked in my shape wear and padded knickers too. LOL. 

I'd like to thank Alison for falling asleep while I was talking too. My bit really was pants then!

This week after another less than enjoyable ride on my R1 I've made the hard decision to part with the bike that I've owned for the last 2 years. I've really struggled to gel with the machine pretty much from day one and for every great ride it's given me I've had 10 more that I've just not enjoyed. It's such a hard bike to get the best from and at the end of the day I'm not good enough but I'll always remember the R1 as the bike that took me round the country visiting my friends in less than two weeks covering well over 3000miles and nearly broke me doing so. 

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