Thursday, 17 March 2011

Another fab photoshoot

Yes Tuesday I had yet another great photo shoot and got lots more material for my site In fact my latest home page pic was one of the ones taken this week. If you haven't noticed my boobs are much bigger than normal in these latest photos and this was kind of the theme as well as taking a few ideas from Alazar that is. If you don't know Alazar look here. I love his artwork and often have been inspired by his drawings
Going back to my site I've just added another entry into my kinky blog today. They seem to take ages to write and nothing like what I write here and go on a bit but I think they're pretty good. I had an interesting client this week who gave me quite a spanking which I really enjoyed and needed.

Today I'm not eating chocolate as I'm starting to get fat but I do have a couple of bars in the fridge just in case I get desperate which I probably will but I have been out cycling again and that went really went and I had a pretty good pace too. Well for me anyway. I did see this old guy on another racing bike on the other side looking like he was going faster though!

As I type this I'm listening to Adele. She arrived in the post today. Well not her as she'd never fit through my letterbox but her CD 21 which is a lot smaller and easier to find a home for. I also got a buffalo portable hard drive arrive today which is 500GB but really tiny and have just dumped all my films and photos for my site onto as I was rapidly running out of space on my pc.

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