Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day at home today.

I've got a chance to catch up on things today as I'm at home. You see I had to drop my bike into the garage for repairs and have to pick it up later when it's done so hanging about. I broke it last summer when I overloaded it with luggage doing my UK tour and was going to try and fix it myself but when I looked into it it turned out to be quite a job so decided to let the experts have it. No doubt it'll be expert money to pay later too.

So I've been a very busy girl over the last week or so having done 3 different photo shoots and I've been to London for Ouch and Swish and got loads of spanking from lots of different people which was great if like me you don't mind not sitting down for days on end that is. I'm going to write in detail about my spankings in my new naughty blog which is now on my site just for my loyal members at http://www.naughty-nina.com/

The shoots I've done this week so far have been 2 days with Maccmaster from fetlife who tied gagged and bagged me over and over again. On the second night we didn't pack up until 10pm and I had to be off to Liverpool the following morning for another shoot with Chris at trussedup. 
It had been years since I'd been tied up by Chris but we had a great time and again got lots of sets done. Most of which I've yet to see the results of though. He even got a couple of his girls to come over and join in the photos which was fab.

On Saturday I was a house bunny maid for one of my kinky friends as he held a BDSM party and it wasn't long before I was tied up again this time being suspended by my friend Mike. Sadly I had to leave pretty early as I would have liked to stay and play more but it was off to another shoot with the lovely Cherry this time.

I managed to take 2 hours to do a 1 hour journey thanks to my sat nav on the way to the shoot and again got lost on the way home. I really am the worst person in the world when it comes to finding places even if I've been to them before which isn't great for someone who spends so much time driving around to fetish parties and photo shoots.

Here's a sample of the latest pics soon to be on my website http://www.naughty-nina.com/

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