Monday, 7 March 2011

I love Avril Lavigne

Today I was woken up by the postman. Even thought it was 11am I'm a bit of a lazy cow these days and to my surprise he had my copy of the new Avril Lavigne album which I had ordered weeks ago but has only just come out. Its a special edition version with extra tracks on too like the recent one she did for Alice in Wonderland. I have to admit to being a massive fan of her music as well as her stunning looks and I'm now playing her new album as I type this which sounds every bit as good as her older stuff and I know the songs will soon be stuck in my head.

OK what else can I tell you. Well as my pay-site isn't going as well as I'd hoped it would I'm in the middle of setting up a clips for sale site too in the hope that some people may like my kinky films there. It seems mad though as one clip on there is $5.99 where as you can see all my videos for less than that but I guess I'm pretty rubbish at advertising my sites so more people will see my clips for sell store I hope anyway.

I did some new photos in with my push bike on Friday taken by my friend Paul and they came out quite well. I've got 100's but here are a couple of samples. I may save the rest for an article in Repartee if Bella wants them as they're really good. Not bad for one of Paul's first attempts at shooting a model and as a thank you I'm now using one of the pics as my main blog pic here Taking of the push-bike it's still living in my front room as I've nowhere else to keep it and I've not been out on it for weeks but I might tomorrow if I have no work again.

Work is totally dead to be honest and I seem to be a complete failure as both a pro sub and a mistress. To be honest yesterday I was in blockbusters and noticed they were looking for staff and was tempted to apply. However I know this would probably end my dreams of doing what I want with my life as Nina because of the hours but before long I may have to make that decision if things don't pick up.

Oh no Avril's stopped singing!!

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