Monday, 4 April 2011

Sorry almost forgot you guy's

Just noticed it's was well over a week since I wrote anything here so thought I'd better keep everyone in the picture as to what's happening in the weird but wonderful world of Nina Jay.

OK first off I have a new toy in the shape of a Repsol Fireblade(see pic below taken today) which is an amazing motorcycle and far better than my old R1 but maybe not quite as sexy but I'll see what I can do to make it sexy by doing a photo shoot with it soon I hope.

I've also not been out much and still watching loads of films. Last night I watched the disappearance of Alice Creed a film where Alice is kidnapped, tied up and gagged pretty much throughout and yes I'd have loved that to have been me! Tonight I have a film called buried and another one called monsters both look good and have great reviews.

Later this week I'm doing a Mistress Nina photo shoot for my Mistress site as the photos on there at the moment are a bit pants. So I'm on the look out for willing victims to me domed by me.

I had a 4 hour breath play session last week which I'll write about in my kinky blog next time as it was quite exciting and I'm sure my members on would love to read about this and I've had a 3rd session getting tied up and doing films/photos for Smorgasborg. Sample photo and link below

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