Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Film extra and underwear model!

After being asked to be an extra on being human last year I've decided to go on the books if they want me and have an interview today as Nina. Not sure how often I could get work though even if they do sign me up as I have talked to someone else who signed up as a trannie extra in the past and they got no work at all so I'm not going to expect to get any either.

Other than this I'm not that busy still and am starting to think about getting a regular job as a guy and not as Nina which I'll hate doing having not worked in bloke mode for over a year now. I'm still not sure what sort of job I could do though that I wouldn't hate and there's so little work about at the moment so I'm not going to be able to pick and chose.

Again this weekend I'm planning on staying in which will make a record 4 weekends in a row but I have agreed to be an underwear model for my friends trannie clothes show thing on Friday but it'll all be shape-wear to show other TV's what they should be wearing under their clothes so I'm not going to look that sexy but it should be fun. Some TV's do need some advice on dressing so hopefully they'll listen to what the lady running the show is taking about but somehow I think it's pretty unlikely. Sorry No pic  of me in my shape wear but I might get one taken on the day and post if if I don't look too terrible!

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