Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bad back

It's funny this weekend I've done nothing but watch DVD's and for some reason I've ended up with a bad back when normally I'm off to various clubs getting tied up in mad positions for ages on end with no aches or pains at all. 

In the last 3 days I've watched 6 new films and most of them were pretty poor. I did enjoy a film called "The Town" directed by Ben Afflect though and would recommend it to anyone who likes films like "Heat" and Ben Affleck's previous film "Gone Baby Gone" Other films watched were Ironman 2(not as good as the first) Edge of Darkness(good in places) the lovely bones(Not as good as I expected it to be but OK) Red(terrible) and "Scott Pilgrim vs. the world"(OK if your 12 or a geek) 

So that was my weekend. Hardly worth writing about was it? I have also spent hours in bed asleep which I'd love to talk about but I can't remember any of it. If it comes back to me I'll be sure to let you know though. I've also eaten yet another bar of dairy milk! I think I may have a dairy milk addiction. Is that good or will I get fat and find that no one wants me any more? Oh and I bought another bar today as I'd run out and some pringles which I eat a lot of too. I've just been sorting out some of my clothes for a model shoot this Tuesday and I must have washed much of it on too hot a setting as I can't remember them being this tight last time I tried them on!

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