Thursday, 24 March 2011

my head hurts!!

Well it did this morning and yesterday evening but it's OK now and all I have is a lump left. You yesterday I was doing some extreme and very tight bondage on a chair and I was wearing a straight jacket and a hood and gag and in the process of having my neck chained to my feet when I fell forward onto my head which hurt I can tell you!! This is when we decided to call it a night before I suffered any more injuries. At this point I realized the time was nearly 10.30pm and no one knew where I was. 

I must say sorry to Davina my friend who was worried as I said I was coming back to hers straight after my extra's interview at 3pm but instead I went off and spent the rest of the day being tied up. She even came out looking for me! Bless her. Talking of extras that wasn't quite what I expected as it was a case of turn up, sign up get measured up and you're on the books. I of course was the on TV there in a group of 18 people. Nearly all young women. Now I just have to wait for all the  TV extra work to come flooding in. LOL

Now I'm at home sorting clothes for Davina's clothes show party thing tomorrow and I've drawn the short straw as I'm the underwear model which is not sexy underwear like you might think but mainly shapewear to get a female shape and on it's own not the most attractive thing in the world but I reckon it's a challenge to try and make it look sexy. Not sure I can pull it off though.

Just noticed the time I have to get to college!!!

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