Thursday, 24 February 2011

Busy girl

I've just got home from 5 days away and have been to a spanking and fetish event in London, The BBB in Birmingham and then on to 2 different photo-shoots in Liverpool so not been able to write on my blog. I'm having a catchup day today but off for more adventures again tomorrow and not back again until Monday. It's good to be busy it's just a shame I'm doing the shoots for free just to get loads more sets and films for my site
I've got some pretty good bondage sets to add now so look out for some of the extreme stuff I've been doing over the last few days.

One thing I have to write about is at one of the shoots at this guys house I stayed at he went out to get us food and none of his family had any idea he had a trannie round for bondage fun but his sister called round while he was out and as she had her own key came in to find me there. She soon left again but I think he had a lot of explaining to do after that!! I wasn't tied up at the time which was lucky as I had been most of the day.

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