Tuesday, 5 July 2011

It's like buses

I've not been caned hard for some time until last Wednesday that is when I client came and paid extra to really cane me hard which he did and made me bleed as well as breaking a cane on my bum. In fact this is the first one of my canes that has ever been broken. I took a couple of days of in order to recover and even though still marked my bum was more or less all better until today that is when another client phoned up requesting a hard caning session on my bum. I needed the money and I like this client so went ahead with the session. In the end I took an impressive(I think) 82 hard strokes. Although my bum is now quite painful and I'm going to have to rest it again for the next few days. I'll probably go into detail about both canings for my naughty Nina kinky blog as not updated that for quite a while. For anyone who likes my blog but would like to hear more about the kinky things I do in much more details check out my blog on 

Other than being caned what have I been up to. To be honest it's all very quiet I've even got my house to myself at the moment which is strange as I have lived with someone for years and not used to having nights alone. It's not bad just different. This won't last though so I'd better make the most of having my house to myself.

On Saturday I went to Exodus and in hind site shouldn't have gone as I wasn't really up for it and was feeling tired. I didn't enjoy my night much although Mike who I went with did his best to cheer me up on the night but it was no use. I need to say sorry again to Mike about acting like a moody child most of the night. This has made me feel like taking a break from scene events for a while as again I find I'm not enjoying them much. I say this but people are already asking if I'm going to be at SWAMP this Sunday not to mention SPARKLE in Manchester. For anyone who doesn't know what sparkle is look here http://www.sparkle.org.uk/

It's the seventh and maybe last one so I should really go as I've been at all the previous ones and even entered Miss Sparkle in the very first year(although I didn't even make the top three!) but I'm probably not going to make it this time. I say probably as there's still a very small chance I'll change my mind and go at the last minute. very small chance getting smaller by the second though!

BTW this event is organised by my sister and Repartee editor Bella Jay(Don't ask how we became sisters) and she's been part of the organisation from day one and done a fantastic job every year so If I don't get there I'd like to wish her the best of luck with what's looking like being her final Sparkle. Well done sis.

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