Friday, 8 July 2011

I've not been out for days!!

Yes I've not left the house since my hard canning on Tuesday night and my bum is all heeled now. The problem is I don't have any more clients booked in even though the phone hasn't stopped ringing on the back of my adtrader ad this week. I reckon I've received over 100 calls from farmers wanting ex with a sexy trannie. When I tell them I don't offer sex and live in Bristol they hang up. I've said for a long time as a pro sub/dom I make a fantastic escort and this keeps on being the case. The thing is I could never have sex with a man so I could never do the one thing I could make lots of money doing. Having stayed in with just my cat for company and all the idiots who keep calling me at least I've managed to catch up on some tele and I do love anything that makes me laugh. One program I love watching is"Lead Balloon" it just always tickles me as I see a lot of Jack Dee's character in me. Like the sarcastic way he speaks to his daughter and her boyfriends and the housekeeper and the way he lies to his annoying neighbour. Anyway if you haven't seen it you should it's funny.

As I've been struggling for work I often find myself taking jobs I wouldn't if I was busy and this week I've been offered paid work in some sissification films which will mean appearing on film male mode. Which is something I've never done before and normally turn down but £300 for a few hours filming is quite a bit and more than I earn most weeks at the moment. The downside is I'm in a film as a bloke forever and anyone who doesn't know me as Nina could stumble across these films at some point. They've asked me before and I've always said no in the past but not sure now

I find it odd that I so want only to be a woman in all that I do on film and I'm constantly getting offers and turning them down to be a guy in kinky films yet I know guys who are struggling to get any paid fetish work.

Other than these sisification films I've been asked to star as a schoolboy in spanking and caning films and as a guy who has his brain transplanted into a girl for a splosh film. Both of which I turned down. I don't even think I'm that good looking not dressed as Nina and I hate doing kinky stuff not as Nina. It's like I'm being offered these jobs so I realize I'm not a woman and I need to get on with being a man again.

Anyway lots for me to think about while I'm shut away in my house. I'm thinking about going to tescos but that means coming into contact with real people again and not sure I'm ready for that yet. LOL

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