Monday, 27 June 2011

Quiet weekend

It's Monday again and time to update my blog. Up until last night I was having a kink free weekend for the first time in ages and doing normal things like I took my Blade to the beach for fish and chips which was nice for a change. he bike didn't like the chips much but I enjoyed them. Last night I had a regular client and now friend book me for the evening which was good and to be honest we spend more time just chatting and drinking than doing anything kinky. Although he dd tie,gag and bag me for a bit and he bought me a bar of dairy milk and some pringles I think he may have been reading my blog don't you?

What else can I tell you? Oh yes I'm starting to plan another party as my TideUP one seemed to go pretty well and this time it's a second attempt to do a reform school themed event which this time will take place and  already have about 15 people on the list wanting to come along.

I did some more bondage photos with my friend Alex at the end of last week and will add a couple on this post which I hope you like and as always you'll find the full sets on my pay site along with the videos soon.

Today I'm just sitting round in Bristol waiting for the phone to ring and see some clients but I think my phone must be broken as it's not rang once. I did get one call at 5 this morning however wanting me right now as the guy was feeling very horny and was looking at my site but I turned him down.

I know there was other stuff I wanted to say but I have a goldfish memory so this will have to do today

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