Monday, 29 November 2010

What a waste of time

Just went to go to the post office to post some DVD's but it was full up with old people it must be pensions day and theres no way I was going to stand in a queue as it was freezing and the queue of old people went right outside the post office onto the pavement.

 I then went looking for presnts and cards for friends and family but all I bought was a CD for myself. Yes I'm one of those strange people who still buys CD's though I'm not quite sure why as I have an Ipod which I wear up the gym(when I go which isn't often now I've done my cancer run). I think I get CD's mainly for the car which doesn't have an Ipod connection.
Yes I know I could buy the music online then make my own CD's up for the car but there's something about buying a new CD that makes me happy but I do have 1000's which are now taking over my house so I may have to stop this at some point and start living in the modern world not back in the 90's where I seem to spend most of my time it seems.

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